Conquest Manager version 0.52 released

Whats new in 0.52 version?

  • Singleplayer game type with bots
  • added more logic for bots, now they are much smarter then were before
  • fixed error, on chip step boss health while boss is appearing
  • fixed player deck cards position
  • Bug fixes like wrong chip step on table in Easy mode
  • Fixed bug with reconnecton, after reconnecting player wasn’t be able to press End Turn button
  • Fixed graveyard cards position
  • Changed reconnection logic, now only 1 client (program, app, webgl) with the same account can connect to server
  • Added version indicator to the game in loading and main scenes, on the lower right corner
  • Added players list in a game play vs bots and players, above End Turn button, to track player’s turn
  • Updated Unity version to the newest LTS realease
  • Updated assets to the newest versions
  • Some graphical elements changed, like influence bars
  • Minor bug fixes with graveyard card positions and graphical issues
  • War camps added, new feature that allows players to raid each other camps. You need to open your war camp, settle up army and raid. Before your raid replenish raidometer, which indicates when you can raid the other player’s camp. You can get raidometer points by making influence on creatures, attacking them, attacking boss.
  • Enhanced chat system, now you can write private messages to players, add new friends, find players.
  • fixed re-connection bug, while pressing reconnect button in gameplay leads to empty gameplay scene
  • Added game lobby where you add bots and real players to play together. To add real player, you need to have him in your friends list.
  • Fixed critical bug on server side, where player surrenders or disconnects from game and all players on the server get their server data reset.
  • Added invite to game lobby tab in chat panel
  • Added game manual to the game, to get information about the game logic
  • Added forgot password option when signing in






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